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Are You this Little Girl on a Battlefield?

Are You this Little Girl on a Battlefield?

By smorones

Are you this girl?


I see a small girl in a dress.

She is in the middle of a battlefield with bombs going off. Jesus comes in and picks her up and shields her. He protects her and talks to her for a long while. She only knows the immense love of Jesus for a long time while war is raging.

Then as the war settles down, he takes her back to her people and stands away from her so she can reunite with her family.  She doesn’t understand why her family has they were changed by war. She struggles to re-integrate with her family. She angrily judges them.

She feels like Jesus left her completely when she can’t feel comfortable with her family. She’s angry with Jesus and she wonders if he was real at all?  She feels lonely for a long time. After some time and struggles, she begins to love her family and feel loved. As she starts to love her family, she begins to feel and hear Jesus again as her anger fades.

Suddenly, she gets healing breakthrough, forgives Jesus and falls into Jesus’ arms. When she reunites with Jesus, she becomes a powerful force of Jesus’ love to her family and community that was wounded by war. She teaches them the power of forgiveness and she introduces them to her best friend Jesus.

The little girl is stronger after forgiving Jesus, but she always struggles with relationships because her community is different than her.  She experienced something extraordinary that they haven’t yet discovered.  She continually tries to bridge the divide.  Her heart aches for wholeness for her people, even as she shares Jesus’ love for them.

“This little girl is my chosen ambassador to her people.”

I don’t know who this story is for, but I received it in my prayers so I am passing it on.  I hope this story encourages someone.

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